Massage can come in many different forms. It is important for you and your therapist to communicate your expectations for the session, so that you receive exactly what you are expecting.

Our therapists use moderate to heavy pressure to facilitate release in tight muscle tissue. This massage is usually done in specific locations on the body and is beneficial for injury rehabilitation and/or decreasing spasm frequency.   

Relaxation massage uses very gentle pressure to work your entire body and help you decrease stress. 

used to increase athletic performance, prevent injury, reduce recovery time and heal injuries. This type of massage includes more stretching and deeper pressure.

Reflexology begins with a soothing herbal foot bath which warms the feet and prepares the feet for the session. Next, the foot is manipulated through massage and acupressure to pinpoint reflex points in the soles of your feet. This reflex stimulation massages your entire body internally and externally, leaving you in a state of deep inner peace and total rejuvenation.