Q. What is the difference between Massage and Bodywork?
Massage works on the soft tissues to aid in relaxation, detoxification and pain relief. Bodywork works on the fascia to aid in restoring tissue alignment and helping to alleviate problems induced by trauma incidents.

Q. How often should I get a massage?
Each individual is different and therefore that answer is different for everyone. Please speak directly to your therapist regarding frequency.

Q. Do I need to be undressed?
Yes, for a relaxation massage you do need to remove your clothing, but only as much as you feel comfortable with. For bodywork sessions you do not need to undress. They are done with the person fully clothed.

Q. Will the massage be painful?
No, relaxation massage should not be painful. Sometimes tight muscles can cause moderate discomfort when being released, but this should never be painful or intolerable. Feel free to let the therapist know if the pressure is causing you pain. You can receive wonderful results without pain.

Q. How long is a massage session?
Typically massages are one hour for a full body treatment. Regional work can be achieved in a half hour session.